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Aesthetic Normativity and Cultural Appropriation. Philosophical Studies (2021)


Is it ever aesthetically permissible to engage in acts of cultural appropriation? This paper argues that often it is not. It provides a normative framework for understanding how aesthetic reasons operate, and argues that we often have aesthetic reasons not to engage in cultural appropriation.

In Progress:

Justification and Epistemic Agency - Argues that externalist theories of justification cannot adequately account for epistemic agency. For this reason, it should not be thought that externalist theories of justification are preferable from the perspective of social justice, as some have recently argued. Email me for a draft.

Internalism and Action-Guidance - Argues that externalist theories do in fact fail to be action-guiding. Email me for a draft.

Paper on Epistemic Agency - Argues that the ability to form justified beliefs is a necessary condition for epistemic agency. Email me to discuss.



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